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ESE Program: Hospital Homebound!! 


The unique nature of Hospital Homebound and Alternative Education Programs (HH) proves an interesting challenge for educators in that technology is the only gateway through which learning can happen for this specific demographic of student.  


As an educator of this demographic, one does not have the option to sever ties with technology. One must be an innovative, knowledge-seeking educator who is well-versed in various technological uses in order to fully expose the HH student to the content knowledge necessary to satisfy state standards and prepare for the future!

In order to provide the best possible education to our students, we, at HH, embrace technology and its progressive pedagogical implications.  This website serves as a repository for student work, our success stories, and insights to the program.




















Final Exam and Book Return | June 3 - 4


-Don't forget to contact your teachers to find out which classes are giving exams.  You have a letter coming in the mail! 

-Plan to bring in your textbooks and Hospital Homebound materials before the last day of school.   

Have a great, happy, safe summer!! 


Classes will resume August 15, 2016

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